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We are a real estate investment firm that specializes in finding investment properties in developing countries.

We offer guidance and mentorship to all of our clients as well as taking care of all the bureaucracy and the legal side. We strive to find the highest yielding investment properties with minimum risk.

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Double major graduate in International business and Spanish and Latin Studies from the University of San Francisco.

Jonathan specializes in foreign real estate investments and invests both in Israel and globally.

Or Shalom


Graduated from the college for real estate entrepreneurship and project management.

Or owns a business development company that empowers small businesses to better manage their money. In how many years, Or has mentored how many businesses in real estate investment in maybe we should talk about his portfolio.

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Today, many people around the world are looking for the right real estate investment. Here at Atid, we specialize in investing in developing countries where you receive both a high return on your money and have a great opportunity to invest in a property that will double and triple its value in the incoming years. Additionally, investing in these countries comes with great tax value. Due to people shying away from investing in certain countries it makes your opportunity a much more lucrative investment. At Atid our goal is to have your money work for you.

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Finding your next real estate Investment.

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